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Afore Consulting is an independent, premium European public affairs consultancy with a core area of expertise in financial services, regulation and competition issues.


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Our aim is to increase the standing and positive recognition of our clients with the relevant policy community and shape the political environment in a way that is helpful.

Afore Consulting follows all legislative and non-legislative files impacting the financial services sector most notably in banking, securities, insurance, asset management, pensions and payments. Our team also covers the Energy Union, Digital Single Market, Brexit negotiations and the trade agenda.

In addition to our expertise in financial services we also advise companies and organizations on corporate governance practices, company law, relations with non-EU countries (especially the United States of America and Asia), consumer protection, data privacy and cyber security.

We assist clients in their regulatory strategies including initial and on-going authorization and commercial transactions.

We also offer specialized training courses.

Afore Consulting’s European public affairs activities include intelligence gathering, strategy development, advocacy, Brexit negotiations and training.

Strategy Development

Through our in-depth knowledge, we can advise on how European policy can impact business. We work with clients to assess what this might mean for their business and devise strategies to respond to these challenges.
We work with clients to ensure their corporate strategy is reflected in their European engagement and ensure there is a consistency in messaging.

Intelligence Gathering

Our consultants have specialist knowledge of their respective issues and maintain a broad network of key individuals relevant to their areas of specialization. Through this, clients benefit from advance warning for early impact. It allows our clients to be proactive in shaping European policy, legislation and regulation that impacts their business.


We offer specially tailored programmes in European public affairs.


We are closely linked into the political networks so as to be able to shape outcomes early in the process. We are able to help clients devise strategies and influence decisions. We can advise when to make representations and at the appropriate level in order to have the most effective impact. We can assist with strategic advice on process, timing and scope of proposals.


Our coverage of Brexit is from the European and Member State perspective. We have a highly tailored monitoring service and are actively involved with clients in post-Brexit planning.