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Thursday 10 February 2022

6th Annual FinTech and Regulation Conference

Afore Consulting hosted the Sixth Annual Conference on FinTech and Digital Innovation on 8 and 9 February 2022.

The two-day virtual conference explored some of the pressing policy and regulatory challenges faced by the digitalisation of financial services and FinTech, as well as the benefits of innovation and technological change in Europe and globally.

On Day 1 the discussion focused on the growing role of platforms and online market places in the distribution and provision of financial services, global regulatory approaches to crypto-assets, the role of open finance and use of customer data, electronic identification and the future of digital payments, as well as the rise of CBDC.

Day 2 focused on the role of technology in securities markets, the impact of technology on insurance and asset management, the role of technology in delivering better regulatory and supervisory compliance, managing cyber security and cyber resilience, as well as AI systems and cloud computing.

The annual conference was a huge success again this year, attracting nearly 1000 attendees from the regulatory and supervisory community, the EU institutions, industry, start-ups and academia. We were in particular pleased to have had with us more than 400 regulators and supervisors not only from the EU Member States but also from the U.S., other parts of Europe and Asia.

Please check out our website for more information on the full programme and speakers.